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"After the cities had burned and the streets washed into the oceans and roots grew thick enough to swallow skyscrapers. After the food was gone, she followed the river valley upstream and inland through the mountains, deeper into the north, to the roof of the continents, uninhabited forest, where you could still drink the water and feel the warmth of starlight on your face. Where the trees have stood for centuries and the mist hides prehistoric monsters. Where the road runs out. After there was nothing left."

Always is a dark coming of age fairy tale. Lyrical and raw, it is a turbulent portrait of sex, belonging, desire, safety and love. Amidst a maze of mine shafts and in the deep forests of northern BC, resilient Maya has built a life for herself and her daughter, Mary Clare. On the cusp of turning 16, Mary Clare is beguiled by the increasingly seductive promise of a ‘normal’ life, venturing further and further out beyond the protective reach of the old-growth trees and ghosts of her childhood.


  • Major Matt Mason - Wildfire National Playwriting Competition (2015) - Finalist

  • OLTC - National One Act Play Competition (2015) - Finalist

  • Dorothy White Prize (2015) - Winner


"Mothers, daughters, attraction and danger combine in this piece with vivid language and terrific use of land and landscape ..."

 - Dorothy White Prize Jury (Ottawa, ON)


2017              The Cultch (IGNITE Festival)                     Vancouver, BC, CANADA

2015              Major Matt Mason/ SAGE Theatre             Calgary, AB, CANADA (Reading)

2015              The Sunset Theatre                                 Wells, BC, CANADA (Reading)

2015              National Theatre School of Canada           Montreal, QC, CANADA (Reading)


Always is not currently available for purchase, but if you would like to read it please drop me a line here and I'll be happy to email you a copy. 

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