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As he works his way by flashlight up the overgrown forestry road leading deeper into the dense dark of the woods, Detective Reuben Medina knows he’s made a mistake. He shouldn’t have followed her out here alone. A few hours earlier – in the dry, well-lit safety of the precinct – it had seemed like a reasonable enough plan: The woman – the cult expert – would lead him up into the hills, to the off-grid militia encampment where she believes a kidnapped prosecutor is being held. They’d slip in, free the hostage, and be halfway back down the mountain before anyone detected their trespass. Now, stumbling over uneven ground in the pitch dark, Medina can’t shake his certainty that they are being watched – followed – and a horrible realization dawns: He may well have followed the cagey deprogrammer directly into a lethal trap….

Incendiary was produced by Vertigo Theatre and Six Degrees Studios and is available for purchase & download at

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Presented as part of Verb Theatre's 2020 Blue Light Festival, Radiant, AB is a twitter installation - the digital portrait of a small, fictional town as distinctly experienced by three of its young residents. Jolie, Keeva and Luke are all in their final semester of grade twelve. As they individually prepare to embark on their respective next chapters, they collectively use the twitter hashtag #RadiantAB to document the REAL TRUE TRUTH about place they grew up and will invariably need to leave behind – the slowly shuttering agriculture town (population 617) called Radiant, Alberta. 


As Jolie, Keeva and Luke record their personal experiences and unsettling observations, a cohesive picture of the REAL TRUE TRUTH of Radiant, AB emerges. Part time-capsule, part investigative journalism, part fantastical construction, this unique Odyssey – piecemealed out in snippets of micro-fiction – is available to follow as it unfolds, or to binge all at once after its conclusion here.

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