A backwoods televangelist. A bull rider. A secret exorcism. Hoyt has a demon. At least, he believes so – needs Reverend Vaughn to believe so. There’s something dark and slippery in him that makes him wild, furious – makes him drink too much and pull the branches off trees, scream, wreck things. On the worst nights it follows him home. That’s why he’s here, really: Liz. Liz. Bold and resilient Liz has one foot out the door. But this time it’s going to be different. Liz is pregnant – a new beginning. Hoyt is desperate. He needs to see to his demon – needs Vaughn – which is why he’s come. Of course, you can’t really know what’s in a person.


Northumberland Players (Cobourg, ON) - June 2018

The Sunset Theatre (Wells, BC) - July 2015


The Sunset Theatre (Wells, BC), Exploration Series - Workshop & Staged Reading (July 2014)

The National Theatre School (Montreal, QC) - Workshop & Staged Reading (April 2014)


Headwaters New Play Festival 2017 (Creede, CO) - Finalist


COBOURG (2018): Matt Kowalyk (HOYT), Craig Martin (VAUGHN) and Amber Vibert (LIZ).
Direction by John Lunman.

WELLS (2015): Devin MacKinnon (HOYT), Andrew Hamilton (VAUGHN) and Michelle Liefertz (LIZ). Direction by Tim Sutherland with dramaturgical support by Brian Drader.


"...[an] explosively powerful new work that marries the wild charisma of the iconic West with the visceral allure of contemporary fanatical evangelism in snake churches of the deep South."

- Quesnel Observer (Quesnel, BC)

"Powerful ... This edgy and intense drama was an incredible emotional challenge for the three actors and gripped the audience also..."

 - Northumberland News (Cobourg, ON)