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“Behave. YOU DON’T THINK I’VE TRIED THAT? For years and years. Waited my turn and raised my hand and it doesn’t CHANGE ANYTHING—behaving—just makes me easier to ignore.”

Dark Comedy, 90 mins | 4F, 1M

In the garage of her suburban duplex, twelve-year-old Josephine makes apocalypse preparedness videos and posts them to YouTube. Vic takes Jujitsu. Maureen encrypts her text messages and hordes matches (because lighters fail). Sarah stuffs her knapsack with extra socks, granola, water filtration tablets and Tolkien novels, because “you don’t know where you’re going to be… when it happens… you might not be at home.”​ Convinced the world at large can’t be trusted to prioritize the well-being of adolescent girls in the event of a cataclysmic event (or just in general), this determined troupe of 8th grade ‘doomers’ are committed to preparing for survival in the post -collapse society they anticipate inheriting. Judy Blume meets Rambo, WROL (Without Rule of Law) is a darkly comic coming-of-age story for complicated times.


  • Playwrights Guild of Canada, 2022 SureFire Selection

  • ATHE Jane Chambers Excellence in Feminist Playwriting Award - Finalist

  • SATAwards, Outstanding Original Script - Nominated

  • Alberta Playwrights Network, Alberta Playwriting Competition - Finalist

  • Tarragon RBC Emerging Playwright Award - Nominated


“This is a play which masterfully threads the needle through a series of tonal shifts so audacious I scarcely noticed the time go by. From tears of laughter to tears of tragedy, the audience was brought by gut punches and gut busters to emotional peaks the likes of which aren’t commonly seen on or off stage. To say that this play MATTERS is to undersell both the incredible talent behind it and the importance of the message at its core.”

“There are plays that are amazing. There are plays that are funny. Then there are plays that are not only amazing and funny but also need to be seen. WROL is a play that needs to be seen.”

“The angry young women of Michaela Jeffery’s WROL (Without Rule of Law) are the heroes we need.”

“Congrats to @TouchstoneInVan for supporting the work of a bold new playwright with a beautifully rendered reading of WROL by Michaela Jeffery…”

“So happy we got the chance to hear WROL by the fantastic Michaela Jeffery. Such a tremendous play…”

“…the WROL reading was AMAZING tonight. Incredibly funny and heartfelt and a punch in the face at the end. Huge congrats to Michaela Jeffery and her whole team.”

 “Wow! WROL (Without Rule of Law) by Michaela Jeffery: Thoughtful, provocative, heartbreaking and hilarious.”

 “…what a fun, complex and poignant ride…”

“24 hours later and I’m still thinking about how beautiful, funny and emotional Michaela’s writing is…”

“Still digesting last night’s reading of WROL by Michaela Jeffery. This hilarious, intelligent and moving piece of theatre spoke to my inner child, outer adult, feminist heart and art loving soul. We laughed and cried out loud.

Fan-fucking-tastic job to the cast and crew of WROL on your staged reading tonight, and especially huge congratualtions to Michaela Jeffery who wrote such a strong, hilarious & touching script.”

“This was astounding. I cried. We all cried. “


2023              The Station Theatre                     Urbana, IL, USA

2022              Orlando Repertory Theatre           Orlando, FL, USA

2022              Glendale Community College         Glendale, AZ, USA 

2022              The Sixth Fest                              New York City, NYC, USA (Reading)

2022              The Guild Hall                              Whitehorse, YK, CANADA

2022               Oregon Children's Theatre            Portland, OG, USA

2022               St. Norbert College                      Green Bay, WI, USA

2021               Femme Folks Festival                   Sudbury, ON, CANADA (Reading)

2021               Lilian Osbourne High School         Edmonton, AB, CANADA

2021               Miami Beach High School             Miami Beach, FL, USA

2021               Innovative Arts                            Toronto, ON, CANADA

2020               Trinity Western University            Langley, BC, CANADA

2020               Queen Bees Productions               New Braunfels, TX, USA

2020               The Sunset Theatre                      Wells, BC, CANADA (Reading)

2019               Persephone Theatre                     Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

2019               Playsmelter/ Pat The Dog             Sudbury, ON, CANADA (Reading)

2019               Theatre Direct                             Toronto, ON, CANADA (Reading)

2019               Simon Fraser University               Vancouver, BC, CANADA (Staged Excerpt)

2019               Touchstone Theatre/ The Cultch   Vancouver, BC, CANADA (Reading)

2018               Big Secret Theatre                       Calgary, AB, CANADA (Reading)



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